If you’d like to volunteer for these Coordinator positions, please contact us.

6th Grade Committee -

Library - Jen Woerner

Publishing Center - Marisa DeSumma

Roslyn Wear - Melissa Dunn

Room Parent Coordinator -

Sunshine Committee - Marisa DeSumma

Box Tops - Gabby Kane

Winter Carnival - Krissy Bellerby and Carrie Keck

Ringo - Brendan Sullivan

Holiday Shop -

Snowball Dance (5th/6th Grade) - 6th Grade Committee

Breakfast with a Buddy- Amanda Kolowski

Mayfair- Committee forming - email roslynptoquestions@gmail.com to join.

Rocket Race- Krissy Bellerby and Carrie Keck

Family Game Night- Amanda Kolowski

VIP Dance (For Roslyn Students and 1 Parent per student) -

Pretzels - 6th Grade Committee

Teacher Appreciation Week - Jenna Mangol

Website -

Volunteers -